Privacy Policy

All the information described below states the privacy policy of Kridha Graphics.

Here, the words used ‘I’, ’We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’ refer to Kridha and ( Words used as ‘You’, ‘Yours’, ‘User’, ‘Client’, ‘Customer’, Visitor, refer to all users and visitors of our website who are using this website in any manner. This privacy policy is applicable to all the users, visitors, vendors, third parties, and all other entities dealing with us in any manner.

Please read and understand this policy thoroughly before using this website.

Usage of this website by you will be considered as your acceptance as well as adherence to all the instructions, rules, and policies stated in this privacy policy.

If you have any issues regarding anything mentioned below and you do not agree Then You are requested to stop using this website immediately.

Introduction: Welcome to Kridha Graphics. We develop and design Graphics, professional Presentations, and Illustration designs. We are providing these services worldwide through our website.

User Registration: As we have digital products, Users need to log in with us by creating an account on our website, for availing of any paid or unpaid services. During login, Users need to provide a user id, password, and email address.

The User id and password are used by the user to log in to our website. The email address is used for any formal communications between you and Kridha Graphics.

All the information provided by you should be correct. Also, Users are not supposed to share this login information with anyone else. As any activities performed under your account will be your sole responsibility. If you observe any unauthorized activity on your account, then you need to inform us on a priority basis.

Payments: As a website, for providing our services to customers and to make the activities smooth, we are making use of some third-party services for running the website like Woo Commerce and payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal.

At any given time, we can offer some products as our free services, but for all the paid purchases, including all products in scope and all subscriptions plans, Users need to make a payment. These payments go through the payment gateways that we have utilized on our website like Stripe, PayPal.

These are reliable service providers. For all the payments made on our website, We at Kridha do not save any information related to Credit cards, debit cards, or any information of user required to make a purchase. All this information is used by these Gateways as per their Guidelines and Privacy policy.

So by making use of these services and Gateways, Users provide a confirmation that they are accepting all the privacy policies of these Gateways.

We at Kridha can change these payment Gateways as per the Business need without giving any prior notice to the users.

Kridha owns all rights to change the prices of any products and subscription plans. Regarding the subscription plans, these changes will come into effect only from the next billing cycle.

Tracking Data: We track the users who use our services or visit our website. The information that we are capturing in their browser information, navigation information, user location, IP address, number of times user visits, search history, time spent on our website, and how the user uses our website. The major purpose of the same is to make your usage easier and to understand the customer needs so that we can provide a good experience to them as per their preferences.

We will not disclose this information in any manner to anyone. We will use your email address only to communicate with you for providing information like any new updates on our website or any promotional activities of our products or for any intimations that might be useful to you. If any legal matter occurs, only then we can disclose your information as per the law.

Business Activities and System Failures: The user should agree that if the website faces any issues due to system failure, natural calamities, war, power cut, and any emergency we can stop our services any time for a particular time period or infinite time period with or without providing any prior notice to the Customers. We can put our website on maintenance mode anytime without any prior intimation.

If due to all these issues, there is any financial harm or loss caused to the users, then Kridha does not take any responsibility for it.

However, if we are stopping our services due to any issues, then all the customers who have already paid for the service, can connect with us through [email protected] and we will try to help them as soon as possible. But in all such cases, we are not bound to resolve such issues within any definite timeline.

If the user has purchased a single product and the product is missing or the product is not working properly then the user can directly communicate with Kridha Graphics. We will review the issue and provide the required product. In case we are not able to provide the product, then we will refund the money.

If the user has paid for any subscription plans, and we have stopped our services due to any reason, then we will refund their amounts as per the period that is left of their subscription duration, for example, if the customer has paid for a plan of 6 months, and due to any reason we are unable to serve after 2 months of their subscriptions start, then the customer will be refunded the amount of 4 months.

For any refunds, it might take 10-15 business days to complete these refunds as per the National or international banking formalities, whatever is applicable.

As we are selling digital products, so the user needs to make all their purchases at their sole discretion, we do not take any responsibility regarding the quality of the product once it is sold.

Intellectual Property: As we are selling digital products and all these designs are created for different domains of Business or any other field.

We research our content through search engines and refer valuable articles to create content for the users. So, no person is allowed to copy, modify, redistribute and resell our products. If they are found performing any such activity, then Kridha has complete rights to terminate their accounts immediately and if they are availing any paid services at Kridha then those services will also be stopped without any prior notice. In such scenarios, there will not be any refunds paid to the customer. We have complete rights to take any action against such customers in legal terms as per the criticality of the situation.

We respect the privacy of other websites. If any other website has any issues regarding our content and they consider that they have a copyright on anything that we are selling, then they can directly contact with Kridha Graphics team.

We will consider these concerns on a priority basis and will evaluate them and take necessary action accordingly.

To work on such issues, we need the following details:

  • Link of the product on our website and where it is located on the website.
  • Link to your product which you consider is copied and proof that you possess copyright on that material or product.

We will try to mutually resolve these issues. But if the matter becomes legal, then our lawyer will communicate with your legal lawyer. The issue will be resolved only in the Panchkula court in India.

Third Parties: As we use different platforms for marketing purposes and to increase our brand awareness including social networking sites, Google ads, or any other website that is promoting our content in any manner, you might come to our website through any third party website. But once you have come to our website, you need to adhere to our privacy policy and it becomes applicable to you automatically.

Similarly, you might see links to other third-party websites on our website. It is completely the user’s responsibility to navigate to such websites at their discretion. If you are navigating to these third-party websites, then their policies will be applicable to you and Kridha cannot be held responsible and liable for any exchange of information between you and the third parties.

Kridha does not share or transfer any customer information to any third party. However, this information is shared with those entrusted parties who are helping us in running our website for business purposes. And we have an agreement with them to not disclose any information with any other parties.

Update Privacy Policy: Every clause and information mentioned here is completely valid, however, we may need to update any clause in the future as per Business needs. We can change our privacy policy at any time without giving any prior notice. It is the user’s responsibility to visit the privacy policy section from time to time to check for any updates. This privacy policy is always available on our website except when the website is down or in maintenance mode. Visitors can take a print of this privacy policy if required.

If you have any doubts regarding anything mentioned in this privacy policy, then you can contact us for clarifications using the Contact Us link on the website’s Home Page or by mailing us at [email protected].

Cookies: we use cookies to improve the users’ experiences on our website and to make their product search easy. Here we do not store any user data or personal identification information which is crucial for the user.

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